Truffle – Fischen 品鱻
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白松露薯片 / 18包/箱 | 45g/包
Truffle is one the most expensive foods in the world, also known as the “diamond” on a dining table. The unique aromas and flavors make it one of the most sought delicacies in gastronomy.
Unique aroma

Truffle, caviar and foie gras are ranked the most precious fine food by Europeans and in recent years, the wave hits Asia. Intensely aromatic, truffles add a unique unmatched aroma and flavor to a dish, whether it is Chinese or Japanese cuisine, they are coveted in all cooking.

Among the 40 different species of truffles in the world, there are mainly four types that can be eaten. Truffle is especially rare and costly because they are difficult to find, frustrating to grow. They are only grown underground near tree roots and in alkaline soil around the famous truffle-producing area Perigord (France) and Alba (Italy).

Truffle Harvesting

Truffles are hunted with specially trained dogs which have supplanted the truffle pigs of yore (pigs tend to eat them before they can be collected). They are grown deep 30 cm under the ground therefore, difficult to find. Thanks to the sensitive noses of animals, they can then be hunted.

The most prized truffles, the Tuber Melanosporum (Winter Black Truffle) and the Tuber Magnatum (Winter White Truffle) are found in the Alba and Piedmont regions in Italy and Perigord in France. The winter variety of all truffles are the most intense while the summer truffle is milder with less aroma.

Luxurious Truffle

Among White Truffle, Black Truffle and Summer Truffle, the most luxurious white truffle recorded a USD 330,000 auctioned price by Mr Stanley Ho. White truffles are more fragrant and flavorful than black truffles, which explains the price difference. They are usually shaved raw on top of dishes and best coax the maximum flavor out of the black truffle through very light cooking.

Artigiani del Tartufo Truffle snacks

Intensely aromatic, truffles add a unique and unmatched aroma to a dish, making it a gastronomic favorite to many chefs in different Michelin-starred restaurants. Other than enjoying it in restaurants, we have sourced truffle snacks which you can enjoy anytime as snacks or to add this unique aroma to your everyday cooking.

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