5 Flavours – Fischen 品鱻
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白松露薯片 / 18包/箱 | 45g/包
5 Flavours
Founded by Private Chef Joephy Leung, 5 Flavours offers private catering service. Beginning of 2020, Chef Joephy sees the opportunity and launched her very own prepacked meal - ready-to-eat dishes. Not only there are a wide variety of popular dishes for guests to choose from, Chef would also roll out 1-2 new creative dishes every week - all delightfully nutritious and finger-licking delicious.
Life is a celebration of flavours - Joephy's road to being a chef

Things were very different back then. Joephy started her career in marketing and played a key role in helping big and small companies to develop different successful campaigns. However, her passion for cooking has always been in her blood – not only she would take inspirations from her mother, but she also masters her skills from cookbooks and different recipes.

In 2016, Joephy set a goal as her new year resolution – learn cooking professionally. Unlike most people who abandon their new year resolutions, Joephy actually went ahead to attend a short course in Le Cordon Bleu London and picked up some chef skills from HK Culinary Academy. Fresh out of culinary school, Joephy would host family and friends during weekends and this was when 5 Flavours first came into shape.

It is often said there are 5 primal flavors in the sensory of taste: salty, bitter, spicy, sour and sweet. To create great dishes, it is important to balance and bring out the fullness of each flavor. In Joephy’s perspective, the 5 flavors very much resemble one’s life encounters, there are always highs and lows, good times and bad times. When you embrace different encounters, good or bad, you will find your life journey rewarding and complete. This is exactly what is behind “5 Flavours”.

Through sharing the love for food with people around her, she finally arrived to her true calling. In 2019, she started her very own workshop (Licensed Food Factory) in Kwun Tong, using everyday ingredients and making special yet affordable dishes.

"5 Flavors in a Box"
- Ready to Eat meals

Besides providing private catering service, Joephy also enjoys picking up fine quality ingredients to create products like XO sauce and pickled vegetables to spice up your everyday home dishes, along with a wide variety of ready-to-eat meal boxes so that you can prepare a table of mouth-watering dishes without fuss.

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