Ibesa 100% Acorn-fed Iberico Ham – Fischen 品鱻
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白松露薯片 / 18包/箱 | 45g/包

Ibesa 100% Acorn-fed Iberico Ham

IBESA is made up entirely of ranchers from Los Pedroches, providing a stability over production and quality parameters.
The Iberico Ham is 10% Acorn-fed, raised in Los Pedroches in the Southern part of Spain.

The fundamental organoleptic characteristic of the hams and shoulders of this Designation of Origin that differentiates our products from the other three DOPs (Guijuelo, Jabugo and Dehesa de Extremadura) is the sweetness that prevails in our slices compared to the salty flavor.

This characteristic is due to the heat that the pieces spend in their first summer in the natural drying room, typical of the Sierra Norte of Córdoba and different from the rest of the areas. These high temperatures give rise to proteolysis processes that produce the peptides responsible for the sweet taste.


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