【5✰ NEW!】Alaska King Crab Leg (Frozen) – Fischen
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白松露薯片 / 18包/箱 | 45g/包

【5✰ NEW!】Alaska King Crab Leg (Frozen)

Alaska King Crab is the most delicious and the largest in size. King Crabs live in the deep sea and they are fishing all year round by the fishermen. King Crabs’ growing waters are inaccessible and unaffected by pollution, so they are particularly fresh and tender.

Boiled King Crab legs are in wine color, with long leg and the meat is thick and tasty. When they are cooked, they become bright red and have a bright spot at the top of the shell, especially around the crab feet. Flesh is white, with bright red highlights, each leg of the meat ratio is very high! Succulent, hot or cold dishes can be served.


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