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白松露薯片 / 18包/箱 | 45g/包

Spanish Carabineros (2 pcs)

One of the most coveted prawns in kitchens and fine dining restaurants worldwide, the beautiful Spanish Scarlet “Carabineros” are a large deep-sea prawn species that hail across the Eastern Atlantic into the Mediterranean Sea. Their distinctive red color does not change when cooked, and they have a sweeter and more robust flavor than any other species of prawns.

These exquisite prawns are best enjoyed simply grilled, but they can also be poached, sautéed, steamed and are also excellent in pastas and paellas!

2-pc-pack is best for a romantic DIY dinner, where you can have a taste of a quality carabinero without worrying whether the rest could fit in the freezer!

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Two sizes: XL (15-20pcs/kg) or XXXXL (6-8pcs/kg)

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2 pcs
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